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Fanny Adams


Fanny Adams
01. Ain't No Loving Left
02. Sitting On Top Of The Room
03. Yesterday Was Today
04. Got To Get A Messages To You
05. You Don't Bother Me
06. Mid Morning Madness
07. They'Re All Losers, Honey

Doug Parkinson - vocals
Vince Melouney - guitars/vocals
Teddy Toi - bass
Johnny Dick - drums

Producer: Vincent Melouney

A short-lived and self-indulgent heavy rock venture formed by Parkinson and Malouney in the UK. When they got to Australia, they claimed they'd be one of the best bands in the world, but were overshadowed by several local bands

Realased: 1971
Label: Kapp Records ‎- KS 3644
439 Golden Greats


(Philip Pope, Mike Stevens & Angus Deayton)
01. Meaningless Songs
02. (Dancing) Up The Wall
03. Dead Cicada
04. Quite Ahead Of My Time
05. You're My Son
06. Boring Song
07. Ah!
08. Too Depressed To Commit Suicide
09. Simple Song
10. Granma
11. Music Machine
12. Oh Me!
13. Bird Of Peace

The Hee Bee Gee Bees were a pop group formed initially to parody the Bee Gees towards the close of their sequence of high-pitched, disco-style hits. The 'band' consisted of three brothers; Dobbin, Garry and Norris Cribb (an obvious parody of Robin, Barry and Maurice Gibb), performed by Angus Deayton (Garry), Michael Fenton Stevens (Norris), and Philip Pope (Dobbin).

Released: 1981
Label: HeeBeeGeeBees Records ‎- TWITS101
Original Music Ltd/Chappell Music Ltd.
Lipa's 1st Selected
By Robin Gibb


Various Artists
Robin Gibb selected songs written and recorded by students at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

01. The Wombats - Derail And Crash
02. Cottonear - Whatever Happened
03. Lydia Johnsen - Livin' It Right
04. Tommy Fredvang - Wait For Me
05. Trym - Ghost Song

Released: October 3, 2006
Label: LIPA Records