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Discs created starting from mix and/or editing Bee Gees original songs.

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Spicks & Specks
(Synthesizer Dubbing)

The Bee Gees
01. Follow the wind
02. Everyday I have to cry
03. Wine and women
04. I was a lover a leader of men
05. And the children laughing
06. I want home
07. Spicks and specks
08. I am the world
09. Playdown
10. I don't know why I bother myself
11. Monday's rain
12. To be or not to be
13. Second hand people
14. You wouldn't know
How Love Was True
(Synthesizer Dubbing)

The Bee Gees
01. Claustrophobia
02. Theme from Jamie McPheeters
03. Tale hold of that star
04. Could it be
05. The battles of the blue and the gray
06. Timber
07. Peace of mind
08. I don't think it's funny
09. Three kisses of love
10. Big chance
11. Glass house
12. How many birds
13. Turn around, look at me
14. How love was true
Spicks And Specks
Synthesizer Remix

The Bee Gees
01. The Battle Of The Blue And Grey
02. Timber
03. Take Hold Of That Star
04. Peace Of Mind
05. Every Day I Have To Cry
06. Wine And Women
07. Follow The Wind
08. I Was A Lover, A Leader Of Men
09. I Don't Think It's Funny
10. To Be Or Not To Be
11. I Want Home
12. Monday's Rain
13. Playdown
14. Second Hand People
15. I Don't Know Why I Bother With Myself
16. Spicks And Specks
17. I Am The World
Bee Gees DJ Remaster

The Bee Gees
01. Bee Gees Fever (DMC)
02. Night Fever (Power House)
03. Stayin' Alive (Mega Mix)
04. You Should Be Dancing (Discotech)
05. Bee Gees Megamix (Deejay)
06. Tragedy (DMC)
07. Night Fever (Hot Tracks)
08. Stayin' Alive (Power House)
09. You Should Be Dancing (Ultimix)
10. Stayin' Alive (Mastermix)
11. Jive Talkin'-Stayin' Alive (Discotech)
Secret Agent
Walls Have Eyes
Extended Mixes

Robin Gibb
01. Like A Fool
02. You Don't Say Us Anymore
03. Toys
04. Walls Have Eyes Medley
05. Boys Do Fall In Love
06. Robot
07. Secret Agent
08. Living In Another World
Ultimate Disco

The Bee Gees
01. Megamix 1993
02. Hidden mix 1993
03. When He's Gone (radio mix)
04. Fallen Angel (remix)
05. Paying the Price of Love (jelly bean mix#1)
06. Decadance (deep dub mix, Femi Jiya)
07. Paying the Price of Dub
08. Stayin Alive (extended disco version)
09. Night Fever (extended disco version)
10. More Than a Woman (extended disco version)
11. You Should Be Dancing (extended disco version, from promo)
12. Wouldn't I Be Someone (long version)
13. Dream Mix
A Bee Gees Halloween

The Bee Gees
01. Creepy Intro
02. Haunted House (Halloween Mix)
03. Moonlight Madness (Werewolf Mix)
04. Spirits Having Flown (Windy Mix)
05. E.S.P (End of Summer Rhythm Mix)
06. One O'Clock in the Morning (Dark Castles In The Air Mix)
07. Christian Incantation (Jungle King Mix)
08. I Held A Party (Phantom Mix)
09. Ghost Train (Fright Mix)
10. Party With No Name (Trick Or Treat Mix)
11. Eaten Alive (Diana Ross) (Human Candy Mix)
12. Giving Up The Ghost (Supernatural Mix)
13. The Boogeyman (Boogie Mix)
14. Tragedy (Tacky Ghost Mix)
15. You Wear A Disguise (Jive Mix)
16. Dead In The Night (Paper Maché Mix)
17. Christmas Eve or Halloween (Rare Partial clip)
18. Possession (Masquarade Mix)
A Bee Gees Christmas

The Bee Gees
01. O' come all ye faithfull
02. Silent night (extenden mix)
03. Holiday (March of the wooden soldiers remix)
04. Miracles happen (42nd remix)
05. Toys (surprise mix)
06. Lord bless all
07. First of May (Shepard mix)
08. Jingle jangle (bells mix)
09. Town of Tuxley toymaker - Jon Blanchfield
10. Come home for the winter - Andy Gibb
11. Seasons - No Hat Moon
Bee Gees Mix

The Bee Gees
01. ESP (ESPNRG vocal 12" mix)
02. You win again 
03. Childhood days (Remix)
04. Like a fool (12" extended remix)
05. Fine Line (12" extended dance version)
06. One (12" dance version)
07. Stayin' Alive (90's X-mix)
08. You should be dancing (Bruce Forest remix)
09. Fallen angel (Remix)
10. Shadow dancing (12" extended remix)
11. Bee Gees MegaMix 1993
12. ESP (Vocal reprise)
This Is Where I Came In
Dalton's Xtended

The Bee Gees
01. This is where I came in
02. She keeps on coming
03. Sacred Trust
04. Wedding Day
05. Man in the middle
06. Deja Vu
07. Technicolor dreams
08. Walking on air
09. Loose talk costs lives
10. Embrace
11. The extra mile
12. Voice in the wilderness
13. Just in case
14. Promise the earth
Bonus Track:
15. This is where I came in (Long Version)
For Whom The Bell
Tolls and Decadance Remixes

The Bee Gees
01. Decadance (classic house mix)
02. Decadance (club mix)
03. Decadance (Deep dub mix)
04. Decadance (Vocal mix)
05. Decadance
06. For whom the bell tolls (short version)
07. How to fall in love pt.1 (Edit)
08. I've gotta get a message to you (ATCO version)
Megamix Der
Edition 2004

The Bee Gees
01. Bee Gees Hit-Mix
Spicks And Specks
You Should Be Dancing
Secret Love
Nights On Broadway
This Is Where I Came In
To Love Somebody
Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)
Want To Be Your Everything
Islands In The Stream
No Doubt
Stayin' Alive
How Deep Is Your Love
If I Can't Have You
Wedding Day
Night Fever
Grease Theme
Sacered Love
02. Bee Gees Love-Mix
Saved By The Bell
Ellan Vannin
Face To Face
Run To Me
Tribute To Andy
Love Me
Love So Right
Too Much Heaven
You Win Again
Don't Forget To Remember
Live By Request
(Acoustic Mixes)

The Bee Gees
01. This Is Where I Came In (Acoustic Mix)
02. She Keeps On Coming (Acoustic Mix)
03. Sacred Trust (Acoustic Mix)
04. Man In The Middle (Acoustic Mix)
05. Massachusetts (Acoustic Mix)
06. To Love Somebody (Acoustic Mix)
07. I Started A Joke (Acoustic Mix)
08. Jive Talkin' (Acoustic Mix)
09. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (Acoustic Mix)
10. I've Gotta Get A Message To You (Acoustic Mix)
11. Medley (Acoustic Mix)
12. Wedding Day (Acoustic Mix)
13. Lonely Days (Acoustic Mix)
14. How Deep Is Your Love (Acoustic Mix)
15. You Should Be Dancing (Acoustic Mix)
Eaten Alive
Extended Remixes

Diana Ross
01. Eaten alive (Single version edited remix)
02. Eaten alive (Extended re-mix)
03. Eaten alive (Special 12'' version)
04. Eaten alive (Extended re-mix II)
05. Eaten alive (Instrumental)
06. Experience (Single version)
07. Experience (Instrumental)
08. Experience (Special dance remix)
09. Chain reaction (Low end mix)
10. Chain reaction (Low end dub)
11. Chain reaction (Dub)
12. Chain reaction (Special dance remix)
13. Chain reaction (Lee's AB Remix)
14. Smoove reaction (Instrumental)
(Dalton's 'Xtended Versions)

Robin Gibb
01. Please ('Xtended 6'20 Version)
02. Don't Wanna Wait Forever ('Xtended 6'04 Version)
03. Wish You Were Here ('Xtended 5'06 Version)
04. No Doubt ('Xtended 6'34 Version)
05. Special ('Xtended 6'37 Version)
06. Inseparable ('Xtended 6'00 Version)
07. Don't Rush ('Xtended 6'50 Version)
08. Watching You ('Xtended 6'39 Version)
09. Earth Angel ('Xtended 6'00 Version)
10. Lonely Night In New York ('Xtended 7'37 Version)
11. Love Hurts ('Xtended 6'33 Version)
Size Isn't Everything
Mixes & B-Sides

The Bee Gees
01. Paying The Price Of Love (A/C Mix)
02. Paying The Price Of Love (Jellybean Mix #1 Edit)
03. Paying The Price Of Love (Jellybean Mix #1)
04. Paying The Price Of Love (The Ocean Drive Mix)
05. Paying The Price Of Love (Jellybean Mix #1 Dub)
06. Paying The Price Of Love (KC Mix)
07. Fallen Angel (Extended Mix)
08. Decadance (Classic House Mix)
09. Decadance (Club Mix)
10. Decadance (Vocal Mix)
11. My Destiny (B-Side)
12. 855 7019 (B-Side)
This Is Where I Came In Special Records

The Bee Gees
01. Technicolor Dreams (Instrumental)
02. This Is Where I Came In (Live In Studio, VH-1)
03. This Is Where I Came In (Live By Request)
04. She Keeps On Coming (Live By Request)
05. Sacred Trust ( Live By Request)
06. Man In The Middle (Live By Request)
07. Wedding Day (Live By Request)
08. This Is Where I Came In (Intro Radio Hamburg)
09. Deja Vu (Focus TV Clip)
10. Just In Case (Rehearsal In The Studio)
11. This Is Where I Came In (Extended Version)
12. Wedding Day (Extended Version)
13. Deja Vu (Extended Version)
14. Technicolors Dreams (Extended Version)
15. Embrace (Extended Version)
16. Just In Case (Extended Version)
17. This Is Where I Came In (DJ Domino Remix)
Sesame Street
Extended Mixes

Robin Gibb
01. Trash (Special Disco Remix)
02. Sesame Street Fever (Special Disco Remix)
03. Trash (Single Version Edit)
04. Sesame Street Fever (Single Version Edit)
05. Trash (Extended Groove Mix)
Best Of Remixes

Robin Gibb
01. How Old Are You (Extended Version)
02. Boys (Do Fall In Love) (Extended Version)
03. Boys (Do Fall In Love) (Dub Version)
04. Robot (Vocal/Long Version)
05. Secret Agent (Vocal/Long Version)
06. Living In Another World (Extended Version)
07. Like A Fool (45 RPM Extended Version)
08. Someone To Believe In (Extended Version)
09. Walls Have Eyes Medley
10. Trash (Special Disco Remix)
11. Sesame Street Fever (Special Disco Remix)
12. Trash (Extended Groove Mix)
13. Fallen Angel (Remix - Limited Edit)
Night Of My Life Mixes

Barbra Streisand
01. Night Of My Life (L.E.X. Club Mix)
02. Night Of My Life (Junior's Roxy Anthem Mix)
03. Night Of My Life (John Luongo 7'' Mix)
04. Night Of My Life (John Luongo 12'' Mix)
05. Night Of My Life (Love To Infinity Remix)
06. Night Of My Life (Junior's Roxy Anthem Mix #2)
The Brothers Gibb Megamix

The Bee Gees, Andy & Others
Barry, Robin, Maurice & Andy and other artists performing: You Win Again, Eyes That See In The Dark, I Could Not Love You More, I Cannot Give You My Love, Woman In Love, Man On Fire, Nights On Broadway, Shine Shine, and many many more in an 'non stopping Megamix'.
Deep Bee Gees Mix
Limited Edition

The Bee Gees
01. Intro
02. You Win Again

The 2003 Dance Rewind Mix
03. Jive Talkin' Hey Jeah Version
04. Jive Talkin' Fast Version
05. Tragedy
06. Stayin' Alive
07. The Short Cut Mix
08. Jive Talkin'
09. More Than A Woman
10. Night Fever
11. If I Can't Have You
12. One
13. Alone
14. Tragedy
15. You Should Be Dancing

The Saturnighte Fever Clapping Mix
16. Paying The Price Of Love
17. Stayin' Alive Remix
18. Jive Talkin' Remix
19. Night Fever Remix
20. You Should Be Dancing Remix
21. Tragedy Remix
22. You Should Be Dancing
23. Jive Talkin'
24. Night Fever
25. Tragedy
26. Outro

The Remix Line Mix (Full DJ Version)
27. You Should Be Dancing Full DJ Version 2003 TT
28. Night Fever Full DJ Version 2003 TT
29. Stayin' Alive Full DJ Version 2003 TT
30. Steps vs Bee Gees - Medley 2003 TT
31. Tragedy Full DJ Version 2003 TT
32. Bee Gees incl. We Pappa Girl Rappers Staying Female Mix 2003 TT

The Oldie Bee Gees Mix
33. Stayin' Alive
34. Jive Talkin'
35. Night Fever
36. Tragedy
37. The Shakira & Bee Gees & Britney Spears Dj Sweet Medley Mix TT
38. The Dj Pool DK Bonus Show Mix TT
If I Can't Have You
The Disco Boys Remix

The Bee Gees
01. If I Cant Have You (The Disco Boys Dub Mix)
02. If I Cant Have You (The Disco Boys Remix)
03. If I Cant Have You (The Disco Boys Rework)
If I Can't Have You
The Disco Boys Remix

The Bee Gees
01. If I Can't Have You (Radio Edit)
02. If I Cant Have You (The Disco Boys Remix)
03. If I Can't Have You (Remastered Album Version)
04. If I Cant Have You (The Disco Boys Dub Mix)
U Turn Me On
 Eddie Baez Mixes

Jamie Jo
01. U Turn Me on (Anthem Extended Vocal Club Version)
02. U Turn Me on (Anthem Extended Vocal Club Version 2)
03. U Turn Me on (Anthem Dub Version)
04. U Turn Me on (Anthem Radio Edit)
05. U Turn Me on (Main Album Version)

Featuring Barry Gibb.
Bee Gees

Bee Gees
01. Nights On Broadway (91bpm)
02. Jive Talkin' (105bpm)
03. You Should Be Dancing (123bpm)
04. Night Fever (110bpm)
05. Stayin' Alive (104bpm)
06. Tragedy (119bpm)

07. Nights On Broadway (Original Instrumental Version)

Exciting acapellas obtained from the original versions. 
Multi Remixes

The Bee Gees
01. Night Fever (FNM Remix)
02. Staying Alive (Kons Mr Whiskey Dub)
03. You Should Be Dancing (The Reflex Audio Re-Vision)
04. Jive Talkin' (Unreleased Long Version)
Bee Gees Extended

The Bee Gees
Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition, Reissue
Extended EP

01. Stayin' Alive (Extended Version)
02. Night Fever (Extended Version)
03. More Than A Woman (Extended Version)
04. You Should Be Dancing (Extended Version)

This unique release included all the before mentioned tracks from Saturday Night Fever, but they were the extended editions of the songs that we all know and love. Stayin’ Alive is expanded by additional horn licks and chorus repeats that add to the vibe of the original song. The extended versions of Night Fever and More Than A Woman are great and similarly extended by chorus repetition. You Should Be Dancing has an additional, and slightly longer, instrumental aspect towards the end of the song, it simply makes you want to keep dancing.
Stayin' Alive
(Albina Mango Remixes)

The Bee Gees
01. Stayin' Alive (Albina Mango Remix)
02. Stayin' Alive (Albina Mango Club Remix)

Albina Mango is a DJ & Sound-Producer from St-Petersburg (Russia)
Her primary music genres are: Electro House, Big Room House and Future House
Stayin' Alive
24 Bee Gees Remixes

The Bee Gees
Stayin' Alive
24 Bee Gees Remixes

A group of professional and amateur DJs come together on this album to show their electronic music creations. They have chosen "Stayin 'Alive," one of the most famous songs of the Bee Gees. The result is amazing.

01. Stayin' Alive (Wanderer's Private Edit)
02. Stayin' Alive (10 Element Deep Remix 2k15)
03. Stayin' Alive (Andre Salmon 'Ever Alive' Remix)
04. Stayin' Alive (Jānis Šapelis Remix)
05. Stayin' Alive (Will - B Remix)
06. Still Alive (Stayin' Alive Agelakis G. Remix 2013)
07. Stayin' Alive (TimBeat remix)
08. Stayin' Alive (Doc Trashz Remix 2013)
09. Stayin' Alive (Jay Joel Remix)
10. Stayin' Alive (RaphPH Extended Remix)
11. Stayin' Alive (Abzak Remix)
12. Stayin' Alive (Joe Garoghan Remix)

13. Stayin' Alive (Deep Mix)
14. Stayin' Alive (Utku S. Remix)
15. Stayin' Alive (PA mix)
16. Stayin' Alive ('den Sinyo's Remix)
17. Stayin' Alive (Dolf DJ Remix)
18. Stayin' Alive (Ahh Remix)
19. Stayin' Alive (Yohann Levems 2K15 Rework)
20. Stayin' Alive (Luciducer Remix)
21. Stayin' Alive (Becays Remix)
22. Stayin' Alive (Zoo Edit)
23. Stayin' Alive (Jeffrey Remix)
24. Stayin' Alive (Papa Skunk Remix)