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Mp3 Filelist


FileList is a program that provides the necessary facilities to manipulate and to organize a files collection of mpeg audio (mp3, mp2, mp1, mpa), independently of its volume.

Of these facilities the most important are:

*Analysis and information of mpeg audio files.
*Information about the incrusted Tags content.
*Edition (modification and insert) single and multiple of Tags.

But enough more tools have been included to try to make the most complete thing possible. Among them:

*Possibility to modify File name thoroughly.
*Manipulation of files in the hard disk. Extensive capacity of Data find.
*Variable selection on the found data.
*Data Export to different File types.

The program operating is based on the work on a List that previously has been filled with the data required for our necessities.

All the operations on the List are based on the selection of items in it (single or multiple). Except in the Export case that for increasing its functionality you can opt for Selected or All.

The list is updated automatically with the changes carried out after each operation.

MP3 FileList is implemented in English and Spanish. MP3 FileList is FREE TO USE.

 Download File List