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 The Woman In You
(UK 12'') 1983

The Bee Gees
The Woman In You peaked at #23 in the US and #81 in the Uk. The 12" single featued the extended version of the song and a nine minute megamix called Saturday Night Mix, which contained songs from Saturady Night Fever songs.

Side A:
01. The Woman In You (Extended Version)  4:45

Side B:
Saturday Night Mix 9:00
01. More Than A Woman
02. Stayin' Alive
03. Night Fever
04. Jive Talkin'
05. You Should Be Dancing
Fine Line
(US 12'' Promo)

The Bee Gees
"Fine Line" was the second single from Barry Gibb's second solo album titled "Now Voyager" although the song did not chart the song does feature Olivia Newton-John and Roger Daultrey of The Who singing backing vocals on the chorus.

Promotional Only. Not For sale
Published by Gibb Bros. Music (Administered by Unichappall Music).
Special version from the MCA LP, MCA-5506 " New Voyager ".

Side A:
01. Fine Line (Extended Dance Version) 6:31
Engineer (Remix) - Ron Banks
Remix - Larry Patterson

Sise B:
01. Fine Line (Single Version) 3:49
02. Fine Line (LP Version) 5:07
Boys Do Fall In Love
(US 12'' Promo)

Robin Gibb
Peaked at #37 on the US Billboard chart in 1984.

Label: Mirage
Co-producer: Chris Barbosa , Mark Liggett
Engineer: Dennis Hetzendorfer
Producer: Maurice Gibb , Robin Gibb
Written by: Maurice Gibb , Robin Gibb

Side A:
01. Boys Do Fall In Love (Long Version) 5:20

Side B:
01. Boys Do Fall In Love (Short Version) 3:50
Shine Shine
(UK 12'')

Barry Gibb
"Shine Shine" peaked at number 37 on the Billboard Magazine Hot 100 and the Top 10 on the Adult Contemporary Charts. The song was taken from Barry's 1984 solo LP "Now Voyager".

Original sound recording made by Polydor International GmbH (Hamburg)

Side A:
01. Shine Shine (Extended Version) 4:42

Side B:
01. She Says 4:08
(Arif Mardin UK 12'')

The Bee Gees
E.S.P peaked at #51 in the UK and #8 in China, the song also did well in Germany entering the top 20 and peaking at #13. E.S.P did not chart in the United States. This UK 12" includes the Arif Mardin Extended version and the LP version which both include the acapella intro that was edited out of the single mix.

Side A:
01. E.S.P. (Extended Version) 6:15
Remix - Arif Mardin

Side B:
01. Overnight (LP Version) 4:20
02. E.S.P. (LP Version) 5:33
 (Canadian 12'' Promo)

The Bee Gees
Released in 1987, it was the follow up to their highly successful single "You Win Again". The a cappella intro found on the album version was edited out for radio airplay. The song peaked at #51 in the UK and #8 in China, in Germany entering the top 20 and peaking at #13. E.S.P did not chart in the United States.

The album sold well in Europe, reaching #5 in the UK, #2 in Norway and Austria, and #1 Germany and Switzerland, though it barely made the top 100 in the U.S.. It sold 3 million copies worldwide.

Side A:
01. E.S.P "Extra Sensory House" (Vocal) 6:31
02. E.S.P "E.S. Piano" (Dub) 8:20

Side B:
01. E.S.P "E.S.P.N.R.G." (Vocal) 7:05
02. E.S.P "Extra Energy" (Dub) 6:42
03. Overnight (LP Version) 4:20
 One (US 12'' Promo)

The Bee Gees
"One" is the second international single (and lead single in the U.S.) from the Bee Gees' album, One. This was the song that returned the Bee Gees back to American radio and would turn out to be their biggest US hit in the 1980s. It peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1989, and it stayed in the Top 40 for ten weeks. It also topped the American adult contemporary chart in 1989, remaining at #1 for two weeks.

The parent album was dedicated to Andy Gibb, who died in March 1988.

Promotional Only - Not For sale

Side A:
01. One (12" Club Mix) 9:02
02. One (Dub) 7:33

Side B:
01. One (Remix/Edit) 3:50
02. One (12" Dance Version) 8:43
Paying The Price Of Love

The Bee Gees
01- Paying The Price Of Love
02- Paying The Price Of Love ( KC Mix)
03- My Destiny
04- Paying The Price Of Love (Ocean Drive Mix)
How To Fall In Love Pt.1

The Bee Gees
01- How To Fall In Love P1 ( Radio Edit)
02- 855-7019
03- Fallen Angel (remix)
Ellan Vannin

The Bee Gees
"Ellan Vannin" appeared on two limited edition CD singles both containing just the one song and both released in the Isle of Man, the brothers’ birthplace. The title phrase is the name Isle of Man in the Manx language. The song, first published as a poem by singer and poet Eliza Craven, is sometimes called the unofficial anthem of the Isle. The Bee Gees partially rewrote the lyrics. Robin’s stirring vocal bends the melody into blues notes in places. (The Bee Gees recorded another version in 1971 of the first verse with harmony vocal instead of the solo).
Bee Gees recording from April 1998 of the anthem of Isle of Man.
Charity CD single pressed in 1,000 copies.
This Is Where I Came In

The Bee Gees
01. This Is Where I Came In (Single Version)
02. Just In Case
03. I Will Be there
04. This Is Where I Came In (CD-ROM version)
Please 2002

Robin Gibb
01. Please
02. Watching You
03. Don't Rush
Wait Forever

Robin Gibb
01. Wait Forever (Single Version)
02. Wait Forever (Shanghai Surprise Remix)
Exclusive Tracks

Barry Gibb
01. Dr. Mann
02. Underworld
Drown On The River

Barry Gibb
01. Drown On The River.

A brand new single for which was to be the next Barry's country album.
All In Your Name

Barry Gibb & Michael Jackson 
01. All In Your Name (Bary Gibb & Michael Jackson)

In 2002 Barry wrote a song with Michael Jackson in protest of the United States government’s plan to invade Iraq.

It was released on 25 June 2011, the second anniversary of Jackson's death in 2009.
Grey Ghost

Barry Gibb 
01. Grey Ghost

The recording date is unknown, but from the copyright date they seems to have been among the songs Barry recorded in 2007.
This song and "Daddy's Little Girl" appeared together as downloads on in late 2011.  
Daddy's Little Girl

Barry Gibb 
01. Daddy's Little Girl

The recording date is unknown, but from the copyright date they seems to have been among the songs Barry recorded in 2007.
This song and "Grey Ghost" appeared together as downloads on in late 2011.
Barry said his song ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ was inspired by his daughter’s sixteenth birthday.